Tequila Gift Set to Mexico – Daily DISCOUNT

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If you’re looking for a way to surprise and pamper your dear husband, father, business colleague or boss this Traditional Tequila Reposado gift set is a great choice for any man in your life who enjoys fine spirits and love to relax in a traditional way. The bottle of high quality Mexican Tequila is accompanied by two stylish glasses and a wooden plate perfect for cutting and serving snacks at home or office. This simple yet tasteful gift will match both personal and corporate occasions making a wonderful surprise for Father’s Day, when you want to say Congratulations, Thank You, or I Miss You.

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April 22, 2016 Holiday – Passover in Israel

A Jewish holiday of freedom called Passover or Pesah is starting this year on April, 22 and will be traditionally observed for 7 days. This wonderful spring festival annually falls in mid-spring on the 15th day of Nissan, the first month of the Hebrew monthly calendar year.

Rich in traditions Passover is the time for Jewish people around the world to remember the hardships and joys of those who have observed their faith for thousands of years. The main ritual of Passover is the Seder, a big family feast that marks the beginning of the holiday. All food eaten that day must be kosher. Each festive table usually includes matzah (special cracker-like bread) and wine.

Gifts for Passover

Since a lot of Pesah traditions evolve around food sending your recipients a gourmet basket might be a great idea. Either you choose to send a traditional kosher gift basket with wine, healthy fruit hamper, or sweet surprise it will be greatly appreciated and shared with all family members. Giving a spring bouquet or even a sophisticated flower basket will work best for a female recipient on your list who appreciates fine things in life. Mix and match souvenirs, sweet treats, alcohol and gourmet items to personalize your Passover gift to Israel or anywhere in the world to make it a truly special experience for those you love and care about.

Romantic Gift to Japan – Daily DISCOUNT

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Save $20 on your Gift to Japan!

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but we’re betting that with this gift that will hold true for the ladies as well. Your significant other simply won’t be able to resist this finger-licking cake with delicate whipped cream layers and fresh mixed berries on top for the best foodie experience. The cake is big enough to share with other family members, but don’t be surprised if they want to indulge in it all on their own! This delicious surprise will also come with a striking bouquet of one dozen beautiful long-stemmed red roses to help you set the perfect romantic mood regardless of the occasion. Feed your love’s passion for the fine things in life on her Birthday, Anniversary, Mother’s Day or just because you want to spoil her with Supreme Passion and Ultimate Decadence gift to Japan.

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Champagne Gift to Hong Kong – Daily DISCOUNT

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Save $20 on your Gift to Hong Kong!

Romance, spring, and flowers go side by side. Let your love flourish with this exquisite arrangement of gorgeous sunny roses and lovely sky blue hyacinths accompanied by a full-size bottle of the most renowned French bubbly, Moet et Chandon, and a pair of aroma candles to add that final touch. Either you want to start a new relationship, spice up your family life, remind them of your eternal love and devotion, say Happy Anniversary, I Miss You, or just add more romance to their spring, send this elegant and sophisticated surprise that is meant to bring your relationship to a whole new level.

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March 27, 2016 Holiday – EASTER

Easter – bright and the most important holiday in Christian calendar is observed this year on March, 27 according to Catholic tradition. This Sunday families and dear friends will gather together for a festive meal at home after attending a traditional church service. Houses are usually decorated with colorful holiday-themed ornaments, colored Easter eggs, cute bunnies, and beautiful spring flowers. Children are especially excited about the celebration as they get to enjoy plenty of chocolate along with various traditional games such egg hunt, egg rolling among other fun and joyous activities.

Gifts for Easter

In many countries around the world traditional Easter gift baskets are often presented to family and friends in time for a big celebration. They usually include all time holiday favorites such as chocolate, Easter eggs, plush bunnies, planted or fresh flowers, fruit, gourmet snacks, wine and more. All the baskets are nicely decorated to match the holiday theme and are often kept as a keepsake long after the celebration is over. Share the joy and cheer with your nearest and dearest this spring and give them a gift to enjoy and remember!

Sweet Gourmet Gift to France – Daily DISCOUNT

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Save $20 on your Gift to France!

When one hears the name Godiva, they instantly know of the quality of chocolate contained in this gift set. Godiva is a a premium Chocolatier company, founded in Belgium in 1926. To this day Godiva products with their extraordinary richness, premium quality, and iconic style are well known by chocolate lovers around the world. This decadent and most indulgent gourmet chocolates will make the best surprise for anyone with a sweet tooth. Share the treats of Godiva with either family, friends, or business associates! Your dear recipients will be taken back when they receive this package and encounter a variety of dark chocolate. Send a Godiva Dark Chocolate Surprise to those you love over the holiday season, for birthdays, and for anniversaries.

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Easter Gift to Brazil – Daily DISCOUNT

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Save $20 on your Gift to Brazil!

Planning Easter with family with so many things on your to do list might be exhausting. Preparing Easter egg hunt, cooking dinner, and decorating the house are usually on top of our list. With all the hustle and bustle it’s easy to forget about Easter gifts for those you love and care about. In order to give the true Easter spirit to both little ones and adults, send them this wonderful spring basket that has everything that will bring them joy and holiday cheer. They will receive a bottle of imported white wine, tempting shortbread cookies, an assortment of colorful chocolate eggs and Easter bunnies, and so much more. Reward yourself, thank your host, or send your family an Easter Break basket they are going to love!

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Sweet Gourmet Gift to Belgium – Daily DISCOUNT

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Save $20 on your Gift to Belgium!
At some point in our lives the excitement of receiving a gift basket for Easter starts to fade. Bring back the joy and magic of this wonderful spring holiday to both children and adults on your list. Your dear recipients will experience the childhood all over again as they dive into an assortment of sweet delights including Marzipan fruits, sweet assorted almond chocolates, crispy crackers, chewy nougat with nuts, and so much more. Bring your family back together for one spectacular Easter or help colleagues at work celebrate spring with flavor with this High Class Spring gift hamper.
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March 17, 2016 Holiday – St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day commemorates the patron saint of Ireland and the arrival of Christianity in the country. It also celebrates Irish heritage and culture in general. The festival has become widely popular among many people throughout the world, Irish and non-Irish alike. Celebrations generally involve public parades and festivals. Streets of all major cities are flooded with people wearing green attire, shamrocks or leprechaun costumes. But the best part of the holiday for most people is a good reason to meet up with old friends, go to a bar or a party and share a drink.

Gifts for St. Patrick’s Day

Help your dear friends or colleagues at work celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Irish style by sending a surprise they are sure to appreciate. A gift basket filled with an assortment of their favorite beers and snacks will be perfect for sharing with friends at a party. A selection of crunchy sweet and salty treats will complete the experience and help your recipients enjoy the gift even more. For those with a more sophisticated taste we have a lot of options with wine, champagne and other spirits and gourmet treats.

Gourmet Gift Basket to Italy – Daily DISCOUNT

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NEW PRICE $139.95
Save $20 on your Gift to Italy!
Pamper the people you care about with a basket that’s overflowing with delicious gourmet treats. Your dear recipients will enjoy a bottle of Chianti DOCG Longo and Prosecco Superiore Valdobbiadene along with traditional Italian sausage, classic pasta, a panettone cake for dessert, and many more gourmet sweet and savory delights. Make the next family get together even more flavorful, spice up your friends housewarming, or help your business colleagues organize a great corporate party at the office with the Delicacies from the Italian Countryside gift basket.
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