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Out of the two sexes, it is rarely men who are accused of having unpredictable moods; whether fairly or not, it is the fairer sex who is most often described of having moods that change like the tide and is often hard to predict. The reason for that, many scientists suggest, might be in the women’s brains which are wired for increased anxiety and mood swings. They also believe that part of the problem might lie in those high-protein, low-calorie diets so popular with women these days.

The level of happiness in a human’s body depends on serotonin that induces feelings of contentment and improves sleep. Recent study from Sweden has discovered that happiness is dependent not just on how much serotonin you make, but on there being sufficient receptor sites in the brain to make it work. The study also suggests that there lies a big difference in the way men and women’s brains process serotonin, the so-called ‘happy hormone’.

It might be true that women have many moods, but it is also true that chocolate is the only (and no doubt the most delicious) thing to satisfy them all! It has been proven that chocolate contains serotonin, which acts as an anti-depressant, as well as stimulates the production of endorphins, chemicals in the brain that bring on feelings of pleasure.

Having these scientific facts in mind, our gift experts have created the Chocolate Mood Booster gift set that will please any woman in the world, regardless of her age, lifestyle and taste. It contains appetizing French chocolate truffles with chili, delicious hazelnuts in chocolate, scrumptious Champagne truffles, and more sweet treats to boost serotonin level and bring happiness into their life. Your cherished recipient will also find a set of comforting Earl Grey tea and invigorating Ground Coffee to enjoy either with chocolate dessert or on its own. Wish those you care about a wonderful Mother’s Day, blessed Easter, happy Shavuot and Ramadan, or simply wish them a nice day with a surprise they deserve!

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Easter Gift Basket to UK – Daily DISCOUNT

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Spring, a wonderful season of rebirth and renewal is here. It’s the time for new beginnings for all living beings. Everything is waking up from the hibernation of winter when it seems like the world is asleep, but now is coming back in full force to bring color and joy into our lives. The birds are singing, the flowers are blooming and pure love and happiness start filling our hearts.

We, just like nature around us, need changes, not only on the outside, for example, spring cleaning and renewing the wardrobe, but also on the inside. We’re looking for ways to be better and feel better. Spring is the perfect time of the year to loose weight and lighten the energy of the body. Cleansing your body, just like cleaning your home, is extremely important, that’s why a lot of people start going on a diet in March in April.

But together with long-awaited changes, spring brings some wonderful seasonal holidays and Easter is one of the brightest among them. Observed this year on April, 16 in both Catholic and Orthodox calendars it’s the time to celebrate new life and enjoy time with the nearest and dearest. It’s also a chance to become a child again, at least for a day, and share the excitement of getting a colorful and delicious Easter basket full of sweet little surprises.

Don’t be embarrassed to bring back the joy of chocolate Easter baskets now that you’re all grown up. Your recipient will re-live childhood as they dive into finger-licking marzipan fruits, appetizing nougat, sweet Merci assorted chocolates, crisp crackers and other yummy treats that both taste and smell like Easter. A charming presentation of the hamper with spring inspired decor will add an extra touch and class to your holiday surprise. Bring your family back together for one spectacular Easter with High Class Spring Basket to UK.

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Chocolate Gift Basket to Ukraine – Daily DISCOUNT

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If you’re looking for a classy gift that is both impressive and wonderfully delicious at the same time this wooden chest hides the sweet treasures your recipient is going to love! And you know why? Because it includes the top choices for any chocolate lover out there that are totally irresistible. Two boxes of Korkunov Chocolate are our absolute favorites. Made only from the finest cocoa, nuts and other premium quality ingredients it’s considered one of the best local luxury chocolate brand for a reason. A bar of Vdohnovenie (Inspiration) Fine Chocolate is another favorite that has been around since 1976. The original taste together with an elegant packaging makes this bar truly iconic. These among other delicious cocoa-based creations are accompanied by a bottle of rich and flavorful Bailey’s Irish Cream to add some festive spirit to the tasting. It will be perfect not only on it’s own but as a tasteful addition to a cocktail, cup of gourmet coffee or tea.

You think you don’t have a good enough reason to spoil someone you love right about now, since there are no birthdays or anniversaries coming up? You sure do, because spring is full of wonderful and significant occasions! International Women’s Day observed on March, 8 in Ukraine is followed by Easter that falls this year on April, 16, and then comes Labour Day also known as May holidays to name just a few.

Easter or Holly Pascha is the most important holiday for all Orthodox and the time for spiritual growth and learning. Many Christians in Ukraine and Russia follow a special 40-day long fast called Great Lent which is broken following the midnight Easter service. The celebration is very special for all Orthodox Faithful and the best gift you can give is to join them in celebrating their faith. After such a long and strict fasting there’s nothing like a delicious surprise that will tantalize the taste buds. Your dear family members, friends, and business associates will appreciate your thoughtfulness and care when you treat them to a Cream and Chocolate Gift Basket that will help them celebrate the big day with taste and style.

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Women’s Day Gift to Russia – Daily DISCOUNT

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Even though Valentine’s Day has passed it’s never too late to make a romantic surprise for the very special person in your life. Besides, there are two more special occasions coming right up.

February, 23 is a Defender of the Fatherland Day in Russia, also known as Men’s Day. Similar to Father’s Day in US, only celebrating all men, it’s a wonderful holiday opposed to International Women’s Day on March 8. Originally dedicated only to army veterans and servicemen now it celebrates all men regardless of their age and occupation. On this day women traditionally give small gifts and flowers (red carnations are the symbol of the holiday) to their husbands, boyfriends, fathers, grandfathers, sons, and male co-workers. Cosy family reunion dinners are also a big part of the Men’s Day celebration in Russia.

Two weeks later, on March, 8 is an International Women’s Day. The first biggest Spring festival, it is also one of the most favorite holidays of the year which celebrates all women, from young girls to seniors. To give you a better understanding of what Women’s Day in Russia really is, just imagine Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day combined. Women of all ages are looking forward to March 8 to receive acknowledgment from men, their undivided attention, and heartfelt gifts. Since it’s a spring festival, the most popular Women’s Day gift is a bouquet of spring flowers. Fresh tulips, lilies of the valley and other delicate seasonal blooms are always among the most favorite, but classic roses is also a timeless choice for less personal gifts when you want to impress, for example for female colleagues, boss, teacher or senior.

There’s no International Women’s Day in Russia without chocolates. Delicious gourmet boxes of chocolate are always presented together with flowers. Delicate coconut-almond delight Raffaello or luscious and creamy Ferrero Rocher are two favorites you can never go wrong with.

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Sweet Valentine’s Gift to Singapore – Daily DISCOUNT

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An adorable teddy bear is not only the highlight of any childhood toy collection but also a significant part of any romantic relationships. Each teddy bear has a history behind it and revokes a lot of precious memories for everyone who has one (or two, but usually more). First date, first love confession, one year anniversary, first Valentine’s day, proposal, baby shower… the list can go on and on but what keeps all this moments alive are the small keepsake gifts that help us bring back the sweet memories and the excitement of the moment in the past when we see and touch them. Big and small, soft and cuddly, each teddy bear is different but they all have one thing in common, they bring their owners a lot of positive emotions and help to remember the events and feelings from far away.

While teddy bears are no doubt a wonderful gift on their own they usually go hand in hand with something sweet like gourmet chocolates, cookies and even cakes (balloons can also add a nice touch depending on the occasion). Talking about chocolate, our gift experts went out of their way to create a gift set that includes all the favorites any chocolate lover would appreciate. A pretty keepsake hamper with a cute bow will add a finishing touch to your romantic surprise perfect to be given for upcoming Valentine’s Day, International Women’s Day, spring birthday, or any other occasion of your choice.

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Romantic Gift to Germany – Daily DISCOUNT

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An adorable teddy bear, heart-shaped box of chocolate and a bouquet make a classic romantic trio perfect for anniversaries, birthdays and Valentine’s Day. Keeping that in mind our gift experts created a classic gift set with a modern twist meant for the most important chocoholic in your life. Instead of an expected bouquet of red roses your significant other will receive an edible arrangement made of 30 Ferrero Rocher Italian chocolates they won’t be able to resist. A whole hazelnut with smooth chocolaty cream inside a wafer shell, covered in milk chocolate and crushed hazelnut pieces will satisfy both their sweet and love cravings, and keep them entertained when you are apart. Take care of your dear Valentine this year by giving them something they will enjoy over and over again appreciating your utmost care and undying love. And the best part of this early bird special is a generous $20 discount you will receive if you order this gift within the next 24 hours.

Are you planning on a different present for your special someone on Valentine’s Day? Go ahead, but you can still surprise them for an upcoming anniversary, birthday or simply because you aren’t really looking for a reason when you want to pour your heart out. Gifts are certainly expected on Valentine’s day, that’s why sometimes a surprise given without any particular reason is the one that has the most effect.

Your loved one will surely be waiting for a romantic gesture on February, 14, but you can go ahead and surprise them earlier with our adorable “Be My One And Only” trio which you can actually customize by adding a bottle of their favorite sparkling wine, selection of gourmet cheese, beautiful fresh flowers, or even perfume and jewelry that can all be found in our romantic catalog any time of the year.

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Chinese New Year Gift to China – Daily DISCOUNT

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Chinese New Year, the most important traditional festival observed throughout Asia, starts this year on January, 28 and lasts until February 15th, 2017. Also known as Spring Festival or Lunar New Year it is characterized by one of the 12 animals from the Chinese zodiac with this year being the Year of the Red Fire Rooster, the tenth animal in the cycle. Chinese astrology predicts that in order for 2017 to be successful, it should be spent in solitude and harmony with family and friends. All the 12 Chinese zodiac signs have to work hard and be patient in order to achieve their goals. Try to stay away from taking any risks and stick to well-proven paths. This year will be especially auspicious for starting a new family, pursuing a new career, and money investments. Professional relationships too will be fruitful. Not without a little help from you, though.

One of the great ways to strengthen business relationships with your Asian partners is to appreciate and respect their culture. And that means to understand the significance of some of the local festivals and make it clear that you care. Wishing your business partners in China, colleagues in Singapore or clients in Korea a happy Lunar New Year is an important gesture that is expected in the corporate world. Just like in Western culture people expect Christmas gifts, in Asia everybody wishes each other a happy Lunar New Year. It’s also common to exchange gifts, not just red envelopes with money, but festive gift baskets with fruit, sweet treats, gourmet snacks, and flowers. Sending gifts for Chinese New Year to family members and friends is also something very common in local tradition. Make sure your dear ones know how much you care with a heartfelt surprise that will brighten up their celebration!

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Gift Tower to Mexico – Daily DISCOUNT

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Love is in the air,  the most romantic holiday of the year Valentine’s Day is approaching! The stores have already started selling holiday-themed gifts with the prices still being quite reasonable. Don’t wait for them to skyrocket right before February, 14 and make sure your romantic surprise is ready beforehand. It won’t only help you stay on the budget, but also make your holiday stress free. Who wants to be that guy running around the local stores the day of trying to choose a decent gift from just a few leftover options that are not impressive and totally overpriced? By taking care of your Valentine today, you’re making sure your romantic surprise is original and timely. So what are you waiting for?

Win their heart this holiday season by presenting a romantic Valentine’s tower of four decorative heart shaped boxes filled to the brim with a mouthwatering selection of gourmet Cookies, Soft Candies with nuts, Chocolate Kisses, and Confited Almonds. Even after all the treats are gone, pretty keepsake hearts will remind your significant other of your sweet love and care.

Just imagine the look of surprise and happiness on the face of your Valentine when your romantic gift finds them all the way in Mexico! Or maybe you want to celebrate your engagement or anniversary? Valentine’s day is perfect for any romantic gestures. By proposing or getting married on February, 14 you are killing two birds with one stone. You will not only always remember to wish them happy anniversary but also save a pretty penny on buying just one gift instead of two. You just have to really make sure your surprise is something they are looking forward to, so they don’t feel like you deprived them of one romantic occasion.

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Romantic Gift Set to Russia – Daily DISCOUNT

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Even though Valentine’s Day is a month away, it’s never too early to start getting ready for the most romantic occasion of the year. Buying your Valentine’s gift now actually has a lot of benefits you might not have realized. Just remember how hectic the stores get right before the occasion! Thousands of lovers in every part of the world are running around frantically trying to finish their search for the right gift. But, alas, most of the options are already gone and all you’re left with are some mediocre chocolates, cards, and very expensive flowers. Talking about expensive, the prices skyrocket right before the holiday, so instead of spending $50 on a simple gift you’ll end up paying over $100. That’s a reason worth keeping in mind before you start your holiday planning. Don’t wait until the last minute and you will not only avoid unnecessary stress, big crowds, long lines, and going over your budget but actually, save $20 on a luxury romantic gift that is both elegant and classy. And even better, we’re going to deliver it for your dear recipient right on time for the celebration.
Getting the woman of your dreams is tough, and keeping her should involve just as much effort. Our gift set “Charmer” will help you show them they’re as special now as they ever were. Your recipient will fall in love all over again with a bottle of Moet Chandon Champagne, a bouquet of beautiful Roses, an adorable Stuffed Bear, gourmet Chocolates, and a decadent Milk Chocolate Bar. Prepare your Valentine’s Day surprise now, add something delicious to your Anniversary celebration, spoil her on her Birthday, or make this weekend special with our romantic surprise to Russia.

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Chinese New Year Gift to Singapore – Daily DISCOUNT

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Although for many of us winter holidays are behind, in Asian culture the biggest celebration in the calendar, Chinese New Year (also known as Lunar New Year or the Spring Festival), is yet to come. The festival is observed this year on January, 28 but people usually start getting ready for the occasion about a month in advance. As early as the beginning of January they begin preparations for the most important festival of the year by attending colorful processions and parades, doing a thorough spring cleaning and decorating houses with touches of crimson, feasting on traditional dishes, and of course exchanging small but meaningful gift with the nearest and dearest. Mandarin oranges and red envelopes with money are some of the most popular gifts for Chinese New Year that are believed to bring good luck and prosperity in the upcoming year. Red is undoubtedly the main color of the season and can be seen everywhere from decorations and gifts to brand new clothes people are traditionally wearing for the holiday.
The heart of Chinese New Year is ultimately a celebration of home and family, hence the gathering with the loved ones for the traditional Reunion Dinner is of a great importance to all generations. Family members from all over the country or even all over the world rush back home for the holidays in order to share this one most important meal of the year with the ones they care about. Those who can’t make it for the family reunion share their love by sending fruit, sweet and gourmet gift baskets, flower arrangements and other festive surprises.
If you need to wish a happy and prosperous Chinese New Year to your family, friends, or business associates, our lovely hamper “Wishes of Prosperity” is the perfect choice for you. Full of delicious goodies including savory Egg Rolls, Bird’s Nest with White Fungus, Roasted Macadamias, Pineapple Cookies, Black Sesame Oat Cookies, Salted Cashewnuts, Dried Mango, and more it will add a nice touch to their festive table and bring a good fortune in the upcoming year.

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