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Elegance Of Simplicity Gift Set to Mexico – Daily DISCOUNT

OLD PRICE $512.95 NEW PRICE $492.95 Save 20$ on the Elegance Of Simplicity Gift Set! The finest champagne paired with the world’s most superb cheeses, need we say more? We’ve partnered a bottle of Dom Perignon Champagne with Danish Brie and Camembert cheeses to create this stylish ensemble. The Elegance Of Simplicity Gift Set to [...]

December 8, 2010 Holiday – Constitution Day in Uzbekistan

Constitution Day in Uzbekistan is a national holiday that marks the day of acception of the first constitution in Uzbekistan on December, 8 1992. The event is widely celebrated across the country by various activities, devoted to the holiday. Recommended gifts to Uzbekistan for this holiday: wine gift sets,  flowers

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