April 25, 2013 Holiday – Liberation Day in Italy

Liberation Day or Festa della Liberazione is a big national holiday in Italy that is annually observed on April 25. This day commemorates the end of Nazi occupation and Mussolini’s regime in Italy at the end of World War II in 1945. On Liberation Day people remember and pay tribute to all those brave Italian soldiers and common people who gave their lives fighting for freedom against fascism. These people started their fight against the oppressive rule of Mussolini under the name The Italian Resistance Movement. The movement gained its momentum in 1943 when it was joined by a sizable number of both men and women. While for men to join the movement was obligatory, women joined it voluntarily. However, women played a significant part in liberation of Italian people from the fascist regime, by defeating the enemy with the help of allied forces who invaded Italy.

There are robust celebrations around the country to mark Liberation Day. People go in the streets to celebrate the occasion together. Marching bands, parades, concerts, political rallies, music concerts, food festivals, and other public gatherings are organized throughout Italy to honor those who served in the Italian Resistance. A popular Italian folk song ‘Bella Ciao’ about a farmer who had died fighting for freedom can be heard everywhere on this day.

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