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Gourmet Gift Basket to Poland – Daily DISCOUNT

OLD PRICE $214.95 NEW PRICE $194.95 Save $20 on your  Gift to Poland! Usually, we save the date for something special – a party, an important meeting, or an extraordinary date. This time, give your friends or family a chance to Save the Date to pamper themselves by sending them a gift basket full of [...]

May 27, 2013 Holiday – Memorial Day in US

Memorial Day is a significant federal holiday in the United States which annually falls on the final Monday of May. On this day men and women who died while serving in the US Armed Forces are remembered and honored. Memorial Day originated after the American Civil War to commemorate the perished soldiers and was first [...]

May 24, 2013 Holiday – Independence Day in Eritrea

Independence Day is one of the most significant public holidays in an African country Eritrea annually observed on May, 24. On this day in 1991 the people of Eritrea got independence after a severe 30 years battle against Ethiopian army regime. The holiday is widely observed all over the country, however, the biggest celebrations are [...]

Gift Set to Ireland – Daily DISCOUNT

OLD PRICE $219.95 NEW PRICE $199.95 Save $20 on your  Gift to Ireland! Nothing shows your fine sophisticated taste like the partnership between sweet, creamy chocolate and smooth, well-aged cognac. Give your business associate, employee, client, boss, boyfriend or an old friend a taste of pure indulgence when you send this bottle of Hennessy Very [...]

Spa Gift Basket to Hong Kong – Daily DISCOUNT

OLD PRICE $174.95 NEW PRICE $154.95 Save $20 on your  Gift to Hong Kong! We all lead busy lives, and sometimes it can be difficult to find even a small oasis of calm, that paradise that we all daydream about but sometimes struggle to find. Help that special someone in your life turn down the [...]

Chocolate Gift Set to Israel – Daily DISCOUNT

OLD PRICE $134.95 NEW PRICE $104.95 Save $20 on your  Gift to Israel! A sweet surprise in every box, what can be more exciting for a sweet tooth! This wonderful gift set containing 5 gift boxes filled with mouthwatering assortment of gourmet cookies, chocolates, and other sweet treats will satisfy any palate. Both kids and [...]

May 9, 2013 Holiday – Victory Day in Russia

Each year on May, 9 Russia and other countries of the former Soviet Union celebrate a great holiday, Victory Day! Marking the triumph over Fascist invaders in the World War II the entire country honors all the brave people who fought for the victory. There’s a tradition to remember those who perished during the Great [...]

Baby Gift Basket to Germany – Daily DISCOUNT

OLD PRICE $329.95 NEW PRICE $309.95 Save $20 on your  Gift to Germany! Celebrating a new addition to the family, what can be a better reason for having a party! If someone you love welcomes a new baby into the world, share the joy and send them a gift basket which is perfect for both [...]

May 5, 2013 Holiday – Cinco de Mayo in USA

Cinco de Mayo observed on May, 5 commemorates a stunning victory of the Mexican army over France at the Battle of Puebla during the Franco-Mexican War in 1862. A relatively minor holiday in Mexico, in the United States, especially in areas with big Mexican-American communities, Cinco de Mayo has evolved into a big celebration of [...]

Gourmet Gift Basket to Sweden – Daily DISCOUNT

OLD PRICE $194.95 NEW PRICE $174.95 Save $20 on your  Gift to Sweden! We love Oxfam! Not only because their products are of the best quality, but also because they’re changing the world by collaborating with small and medium-sized manufacturers to ensure fair market prices. In this amazing gift collection of delicacies from Oxfam  your [...]

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