May 3, 2013 Holiday – Constitution Day in Poland

Constitution Day is an important national holiday in Poland which commemorates the adoption of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth’s constitution on May 3, 1791. This was a significant achievement in the history of Poland since it was not only the first constitution in modern Europe and second in the world, following the American one, but also a very progressive document for its time.

Celebrating Polish Constitution Day was not allowed during the partitions, but for generations it was viewed as a national symbol and helped keep alive Polish aspirations for a free and just society. In 1918 Poland regained its independence, in 1919 Constitution Day was again declared an official holiday, and restored one last time in 1990 after the collapse of Soviet union.

Constitution Day is a part of Polish holiday season which also includes Labour Day observed on May, 1. This patriotic holiday is celebrated with big national parades, live music concerts, street fairs and family picnics. Many people also gather at the monument of the unknown soldiers in Warsaw and pay tribute to those who gave their lives for their motherland.

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