February 14, 2016 Holiday – Valentine’s Day

The most romantic holiday of the year, Valentine’s Day is here! All couples around the world are preparing exciting surprises for those they care about trying to make this day truly special and memorable. Surprise dinners at expensive restaurants, movie dates, romantic getaways are only some of the popular activities on February, 14. But Valentine’s Day is not only the holiday for lovers. Boys and girls, teachers and students, family member and friends also celebrate the occasion and exchange their greetings of affection and romantic gifts on this day.

Gifts for Valentine’s Day

There’s no doubt that chocolate and red roses are considered to be the most popular gifts during Valentine’s Day. A red rose is considered the flower of love because of their color that stands for strong romantic feelings. In US alone almost 200 million stems of red roses are sold for Valentine’s Day. The chocolate started associating with the holiday thanks to Richard Cadbury from the Cadbury chocolates company who first presented his beloved one chocolates in a heart-shaped box. Now over 35 million heart-shaped boxes of chocolate worth of over $1 billion are sold every year for Valentine’s Day.

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