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An adorable teddy bear is not only the highlight of any childhood toy collection but also a significant part of any romantic relationships. Each teddy bear has a history behind it and revokes a lot of precious memories for everyone who has one (or two, but usually more). First date, first love confession, one year anniversary, first Valentine’s day, proposal, baby shower… the list can go on and on but what keeps all this moments alive are the small keepsake gifts that help us bring back the sweet memories and the excitement of the moment in the past when we see and touch them. Big and small, soft and cuddly, each teddy bear is different but they all have one thing in common, they bring their owners a lot of positive emotions and help to remember the events and feelings from far away.

While teddy bears are no doubt a wonderful gift on their own they usually go hand in hand with something sweet like gourmet chocolates, cookies and even cakes (balloons can also add a nice touch depending on the occasion). Talking about chocolate, our gift experts went out of their way to create a gift set that includes all the favorites any chocolate lover would appreciate. A pretty keepsake hamper with a cute bow will add a finishing touch to your romantic surprise perfect to be given for upcoming Valentine’s Day, International Women’s Day, spring birthday, or any other occasion of your choice.

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