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Even though Valentine’s Day has passed it’s never too late to make a romantic surprise for the very special person in your life. Besides, there are two more special occasions coming right up.

February, 23 is a Defender of the Fatherland Day in Russia, also known as Men’s Day. Similar to Father’s Day in US, only celebrating all men, it’s a wonderful holiday opposed to International Women’s Day on March 8. Originally dedicated only to army veterans and servicemen now it celebrates all men regardless of their age and occupation. On this day women traditionally give small gifts and flowers (red carnations are the symbol of the holiday) to their husbands, boyfriends, fathers, grandfathers, sons, and male co-workers. Cosy family reunion dinners are also a big part of the Men’s Day celebration in Russia.

Two weeks later, on March, 8 is an International Women’s Day. The first biggest Spring festival, it is also one of the most favorite holidays of the year which celebrates all women, from young girls to seniors. To give you a better understanding of what Women’s Day in Russia really is, just imagine Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day combined. Women of all ages are looking forward to March 8 to receive acknowledgment from men, their undivided attention, and heartfelt gifts. Since it’s a spring festival, the most popular Women’s Day gift is a bouquet of spring flowers. Fresh tulips, lilies of the valley and other delicate seasonal blooms are always among the most favorite, but classic roses is also a timeless choice for less personal gifts when you want to impress, for example for female colleagues, boss, teacher or senior.

There’s no International Women’s Day in Russia without chocolates. Delicious gourmet boxes of chocolate are always presented together with flowers. Delicate coconut-almond delight Raffaello or luscious and creamy Ferrero Rocher are two favorites you can never go wrong with.

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