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If you’re looking for a classy gift that is both impressive and wonderfully delicious at the same time this wooden chest hides the sweet treasures your recipient is going to love! And you know why? Because it includes the top choices for any chocolate lover out there that are totally irresistible. Two boxes of Korkunov Chocolate are our absolute favorites. Made only from the finest cocoa, nuts and other premium quality ingredients it’s considered one of the best local luxury chocolate brand for a reason. A bar of Vdohnovenie (Inspiration) Fine Chocolate is another favorite that has been around since 1976. The original taste together with an elegant packaging makes this bar truly iconic. These among other delicious cocoa-based creations are accompanied by a bottle of rich and flavorful Bailey’s Irish Cream to add some festive spirit to the tasting. It will be perfect not only on it’s own but as a tasteful addition to a cocktail, cup of gourmet coffee or tea.

You think you don’t have a good enough reason to spoil someone you love right about now, since there are no birthdays or anniversaries coming up? You sure do, because spring is full of wonderful and significant occasions! International Women’s Day observed on March, 8 in Ukraine is followed by Easter that falls this year on April, 16, and then comes Labour Day also known as May holidays to name just a few.

Easter or Holly Pascha is the most important holiday for all Orthodox and the time for spiritual growth and learning. Many Christians in Ukraine and Russia follow a special 40-day long fast called Great Lent which is broken following the midnight Easter service. The celebration is very special for all Orthodox Faithful and the best gift you can give is to join them in celebrating their faith. After such a long and strict fasting there’s nothing like a delicious surprise that will tantalize the taste buds. Your dear family members, friends, and business associates will appreciate your thoughtfulness and care when you treat them to a Cream and Chocolate Gift Basket that will help them celebrate the big day with taste and style.

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