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If your friend, family member or significant other is a chocoholic it’s easy to make their day by surprising them with something you know for a fact they adore. Plus, it’s a win-win for you both. You don’t need to puzzle your brain about the perfect gift for the upcoming occasion regardless of what it is. And they are sure to receive something they will definitely put to a great use.

While our Chocoholic Deluxe gift basket to South Africa will make a great choice for pretty much any holiday, it’ll make an especially wonderful surprise for an upcoming Easter celebration. Kids are not the only ones who want to be spoiled with chocolate this Easter Sunday. Make a sweet surprise for those young at heart with an Easter gift basket filled to the brim with harmless (and not so harmless) treats everyone will love. This basket is overflowing with all delectable things chocolate. From rather exotic ones, like Chocolate Liqueur (the only thing that can’t be shared by all generations) or Cranberry Chocolate Salami, to more classic, heavenly Belgian Truffles and Lindt Assorted Chocolate Box. While the little ones are enjoying a traditional Easter egg hunt, the grown-ups can take their time and indulge in the sweet treats all on their own. Yes, maybe they don’t need an excuse for a chocolate break, but Easter is definitely the perfect reason to tune in and have something sweet without any remorse.

Being a treat that is perfect on its own, chocolate will also make a great dessert after a rather peculiar South African Easter meal. Instead of more familiar ham or lamb with mashed potatoes and other sides, people in South Africa indulge in pickled fish, pineapple casserole, creamed corns and marshmallow eggs. After the dishes like these you’d definitely want to finish your meal with something more familiar. That’s where our chocolate basket come in handy. Give those you love a chance to enjoy the best things Easter has to offer with a Chocoholic Deluxe basket. Or help them celebrate traditional South African holidays including Freedom Day observed this year on April, 27; or Worker’s Day celebrated on May, 1.

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