Vesak Day Gift Basket to Singapore – Daily DISCOUNT

Vesak Day Gift Basket to Singapore – Daily DISCOUNT

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Biggest spring holidays celebrated in the West are too observed in Singapore, a sovereign city-state in Southeast Asia. But along with Labour Day on May, 1 and Mother’s Day on April, 14 there’s another important holiday called Vesak Day. A national holiday, it is a holy day for all Buddhists. It usually falls in May, on the 15th day of the fourth month of the Chinese Lunar Calendar and this year is celebrated on May, 10. One if the most significant days of the Buddhist calendar it represents the birth, enlightenment (Nirvana) and death of Siddhartha Gautama also known as Buddha.

On the holy day devoted Buddhists and many observers visit Buddhist temples and sing hymns to celebrate “the enlightened” and his teaching (Dharma). Everybody is expected to bring their offerings which include flowers, candles, and incense; and leave them at the feet of Buddha statues. The celebration ends with a two-hour long candlelit procession through the streets of the city, which actually begins 24 hours before, and requires a special reservation of the place in the procession.

People in Singapore believe that being kind and generous on Vesak Day is another important tradition to be observed during the holiday. Gifts of charity and simple acts of generosity like helping animals, donating goods and food to the poor, etc are performed and believed to multiply merit of those doing it. Sharing with family and friends is another great way to connect with those nearest and dearest. Make sure the table of those you love is full on Vesak Day by sending them a lovely keepsake basket of delicious goodies. They’ll enjoy a Bottle of Benedictine Dom as well as Essence of Chicken, rare and delicious Birds’ Nest, Ribena, Butter Cookies, and more, all of it set off with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, the essential part of the holiday.

Whether you’re sharing an act of generosity on Vesak Day, celebrating Mother’s Day with the most important woman in your life, wishing a Happy Birthday to those born in May, our “Health and Happiness Deluxe Gift Basket” will fit all occasions and satisfy any cravings.

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