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May 26th marks the beginning of Ramadan, the Holy Month of intense prayers and fasting that will continue until June, 25th. During this time Muslims around the world detach from worldly pleasures and concentrate on self-improvement. Cleaning both the soul and the body is the main purpose of the holiday. Attending mosques, praying, and performing acts of charity help to purify the spiritual side while strict fasting from dawn to dusk cleanse physically.

Fasting place a significant role during Ramadan and is actually considered one of the five pillars of Islam. The fasting is obligatory for all men with just a few exceptions for children, the elderly, sick, pregnant, nursing or menstruating women. For the entire month of Ramadan Muslims have to avoid any food or drinks during the day. The first meal of the day (before the fast) is served before dawn and is called the suhoor. The second (and last) meal doesn’t happen until sunset, it breaks the fast and is called iftar. But avoiding only food and drinks is not enough. Ramadan is also an exercise in self-restraint. Muslims are encouraged to restrain from any physical pleasures, arguing, smoking or having sexual intercourse.

Breaking the fast with a sip of water after sunset prayers is the most important and anticipated moment of the day fro any Muslim during Ramadan. This tradition comes from some 1,400 years ago when Prophet Muhammad taught people to do the same. A large feast iftar which is both a social event and a gastronomical adventure is then shared with family and friends.

The end of Ramadan is celebrated with a three-day holiday called Eid al-Fitr. Arab world observe the festival together with the nearest and dearest, eat sweet delicacies, and exchange delicious Eid al-Fitr gifts. It’s very typical for Muslims to give each other special Ramadan and Eid gifts with a stunning gourmet spread of delicacies. From traditional  assortment of dates and nuts to sweet cookies and Belgian Chocolates there’s everything to satisfy post fasting cravings of your dear friends, family, business associates or colleagues at work.

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