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March 17, 2016 Holiday – St. Patrick’s Day

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February 14, 2016 Holiday – Valentine’s Day

The most romantic holiday of the year, Valentine’s Day is here! All couples around the world are preparing exciting surprises for those they care about trying to make this day truly special and memorable. Surprise dinners at expensive restaurants, movie dates, romantic getaways are only some of the popular activities on February, 14. But Valentine’s [...]

February 8, 2016 Holiday – Chinese New Year

Lunar New Year is the most important holiday in the Chinese calendar. Each year it falls on a different date according to the traditional lunisolar system based on the moon phase and the time of the solar year. In 2016 the celebration will start on February, 8 and will last for about 15 days until [...]

November 26, 2015 Holiday – Thanksgiving Day in US

It’s that time of the year when each family in US has bought their turkeys, pumpkins and pies and decorated their homes for the second largest family celebration of the year, Thanksgiving Day. Annually observed on the fourth Thursday in November this year it falls on Nov 26, 2015. Perfect time for family reunions it’s [...]

November 20, 2015 Holiday – Universal Children’s Day

Universal Children’s Day is celebrated on November 20 in many countries around the world including Canada, France, Spain, Israel, Ireland, Serbia, Slovenia, South Africa, Egypt, Philippines, Arab World, etc. Established by the United Nations in 1954 to improve children’s welfare and promote international togetherness and awareness among children around the world, the holiday is becoming [...]

July 4, 2015 Holiday – Independence Day in US

Independence Day is one of the most important and patriotic holidays in US. Annually observed on the 4th of July, it commemorates independence of the United States of America from Great Britain. The Fourth of July is the United States’ official birthday. It’s on this day in 1776 that the free democratic country as we [...]

April 5, 2015 Holiday – EASTER

Awake, thou wintry earth – Fling off thy sadness! Fair vernal flowers, laugh forth Your ancient gladness! ~Thomas Blackburn, “An Easter Hymn” Easter, the most important and beautiful spring festival for all Christians is here! When it comes to celebrating this wonderful holiday, there are so many various traditions around the world, but in every [...]

November 11, 2014 Holiday – Veterans Day in US

Veterans Day, a holiday dedicated to veterans of all wars is annually observed in US on November, 11. However, if it falls on a week day, the celebration is moved on the weekend closest to the date. Veterans Day marks the anniversary of the signing of the armistice in 1918 (which ended the World War [...]

July 4, 2014 Holiday – Independence Day in US

Independence Day is a national patriotic holiday in US annually celebrated on the 4th of July. On this day in 1776 United States claimed its independence from Britain and the new democratic country was born. Now each year proud Americans celebrate their freedom and independence with fireworks, parades, as well as barbecues and picnics. The [...]

June 15, 2014 Holiday – Father’s Day

Father’s Day is an annual holiday to celebrate fatherhood and thank your dear dad for everything he’s done for you in your life. The festival is observed with big enthusiasm on the 3d Sunday in June in many countries throughout the world including USA, Canada, UK, France, Japan, India, Turkey, Columbia, Costa Rica, Mexico and [...]

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