Edible Bouquet to Russia – Daily DISCOUNT

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Edible bouquets are gaining more and more popularity especially with those who like to impress with unusual gifts. This new item in our Russian gift catalog has quickly become a hit with our customers! A wonderful and delicious alternative to a classic flower arrangement, fruit bouquets are made to look just as good with the only main difference – your recipients can eat them! This ‘Edible Passions’ bouquet was created by our florists with pink and red fruit and flowers for romantic occasions and holidays. Fresh strawberries, juicy apples, sweet pomegranate are featured here along with beautiful fresh roses and carnations all put together in a stylish wrapping paper. Surprise your significant other, beloved mom, or dear friend with an edible bouquet and save 10$ if you order today.

Celebrate an upcoming Birthday, Anniversary, or Women’s Equality Day observed this Friday August, 26 and demonstrate a significant woman in your life support and care. Or help your family celebrate upcoming Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) on October, 2. ‘Edible Passions’ bouquet will become an excellent surprise for this particular holiday as it features apples and pomegranates, symbolic Rosh Hashanah fruit that will bring your recipients many blessings and joy in the following year.
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August 26, 2016 Holiday – Women’s Equality Day in US

Women’s Equality Day is annually observed in the US on August, 26 celebrating women’s rights. On this day in 1920 American women were granted the right to vote for the first time. Fifty-one years later in 1971 a special resolution proclaimed Women’s Equality Day an observance annually held on August, 26. A special resolution gave American women a lot of freedom, as well as public, private, legal and institutional rights and privileges.

The importance of the Women’s Equality Day is recognized not only by feminists but men and women of all ages alike. It’s a great opportunity for husbands, sons, brothers or boyfriends to demonstrate the significant women in their lives how much they are loved and appreciated. Take the opportunity to share love with your dear mom, grandmother, sister or daughter-in-law this Friday by surprising them with a greeting card and a bouquet of flowers. Start the day with making a delicious breakfast for the special woman in your life, or take her out for lunch in the best local restaurant. To celebrate in a more relaxed and informal atmosphere, plan a picnic in the park, on the beach or a barbecue in the backyard. You can even make it a bigger deal by organizing a big themed party. In this case, a gourmet gift basket with an assortment of delicious treats to any taste is a must. A beer hamper with savory snacks is another great idea everyone will love. Use your imagination, be creative and do everything you can to celebrate women’s equality this weekend!

Gift Basket to Brazil – Daily DISCOUNT

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Save $20 on your Gift to Brazil!
For the past two weeks Brazil, and Rio de Janeiro, in particular, were in the center of world’s attention. Olympic games 2016 have finished this Sunday afternoon with a colorful carnival-inspired ceremony lasting for almost three hours. A great final note before passing the baton to Tokyo, the next host city of 2020!
In spite of all the difficulties the country experiences at the moment, the Olympics were a pleasant distraction that brought many Brazilians together. Two weeks of national pride, all around enthusiasm, and Brazilian greens and yellows could be seen not only in Rio de Janeiro but all over the country. The festive atmosphere is still in the air which makes it a great time to show your dear friends, family members or even business colleagues in Brazil your support and care by sending a beautiful surprise that will help them celebrate life. A lovely basket is overflowing with goodies that are perfect for any festivities and includes a bouquet of 18 stunning miniature roses, a mini bottle of Salton Classic wine, a collection of Ferrero Rocher bonbons, gourmet cheese, and more delicious treats.
Demonstrate the team spirit to your Brazilian family, those visiting the country during the games, or congratulate the Olympians from USA, UK, China, Russia and Germany who won the most medals with our lovely surprise that will become another desired prize they deserve.
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Gourmet Gift Basket to Romania – Daily DISCOUNT

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Save $20 on your Gift to Romania!

The traditional Mediterranean cuisine is all about bold flavors and healthful eating in a friendly atmosphere of family and friends. The majority of Mediterranean food is plant-based and includes fruits and veggies, herbs and spices, beans and whole grains, nuts, and seeds, and of course olive oil, a lot of it. Used for both cooking and seasoning, olive oil is a good source of healthy fat that can help lower cholesterol levels, risks of heart disease, and even fight the signs of aging (it explains why it is so widely used in skincare products). By the way, did you know that people living in the Mediterranean region can boast longevity and luscious hair and skin? It has probably something to do with olive oil that is a staple in their diets.

For connoisseurs on your list who enjoy flavorful and healthy food, we’ve put together a gift basket that contains the best products Mediterranean cuisine has to offer. We’ve gathered the best from Europe including Greek olives, premium quality olive oil, dried tomatoes pickled in oil, grilled artichokes, mixed pickled mushroom, Italian white vinegar and so much more. Surprise your vegetarian friend on their birthday, send a thank you gift to a business associate from another continent, wish a happy anniversary to your parents or simply spoil a foodie with Taste Of The Mediterranean basket.
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Wine Gift Basket to Portugal – Daily DISCOUNT

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Save $20 on your Gift to Portugal!
Gift giving is a wonderful international tradition. We give gifts when we want to say congratulations, wish happy holidays, or send our love and support to those who need it the most. Giving gifts is important on happy occasions but it’s even more important during difficult times in the lives of those we care about. If you want to support your family members, friends, or business associates in Portugal who were affected by wildfires that are currently raging across the country, don’t hesitate to send them this wonderful gift basket to show your support and care. Filled to the brim with delicious gourmet items and a bottle of great red wine, it includes all the most popular treats, such as grown Norway codfish, traditional handmade sausage, extra virgin olive oil, handmade jam, dried fruit, traditional cookies, milk chocolate, and even famous Portuguese Ginjinha cherry liqueur. From meal to appetizers and desserts, your recipients are sure to enjoy the contents of this generous basket, that will help them to cheer up and forget all the worries.
Another great reason to send your Portugal friends and dear ones this gift is to help them celebrate their birthday, anniversary, the beginning of new school year, or other significant occasion in their lives.
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Wine Gift Set to Russia – Daily DISCOUNT

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Long distance relationship is a tough gig and if you have one you know exactly what we are talking about. You don’t only have to be extra loving and caring to keep the spark up, but also generous and inventive in demonstrating your feelings from across the oceans. Sharing love on special occasions like birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day or other seasonal holidays can’t be questioned, but surprising your significant other without a particular reason is often ignored even though a gift given just because often produce a much stronger impact on your recipient. It’s not only because such surprise is always unexpected but it also shows your sincerity and pure intentions.

That cherished person in your life deserves to be treated like a royalty. And for this we have a wonderful gift set, featuring a soft teddy bear, bottle of high-quality imported red wine, finger-licking Lindt chocolates from the world renown chocolatier, delicious cookies, and more sweet treats that are going to be enjoyed.

Nevertheless long distance relationships don’t always have to be romantic. If your family members, friends or even business associates live abroad and you stay in touch, your relationships can also be called long-distance. And the same rules apply here. You are staying connected by chatting in Skype, sending messages and exchanging gifts on major holidays and special occasions.

Prepare for fall and winter holiday season well in advance by buying your dear ones a gift they will love. Make sure you’re on top of any upcoming event and your savings account by ordering ‘Entangling Love’ gift set today.
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Fruit Basket to Slovenia – Daily DISCOUNT

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Summer is the perfect time to follow a healthy diet. With so many local produce around and excruciating heat outside plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit is all you’re craving for most of the time. In this seasonal gift basket our food experts have put together a selection of fresh delicious fruit, healthy snacks including nuts and cheese, gourmet milk chocolate and some other treats to satisfy any palate.
Are you looking for an anniversary gift for your parents or dear friends? Want to surprise your significant other for no particular reason or encourage someone to eat healthy?  A Fresh Reward gift basket will make a great surprise for any occasion! Are your children going back to school, friends are starting college or going back to teaching at a university? Send them a surprise they can thoroughly enjoy on the last careless days of their vacation and make their back to school sweeter. Non of the mentioned upcoming occasions are relevant to you? No problem! You can always start buying gifts in advance for fall and winter holidays and not only save some money but also make sure you are prepared ahead of time. For those who are celebrating birthdays in September and October, as well as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Rosh Hashanah, Diwali or even Christmas you can have a special gift ready waiting for them. Seems like there’s still plenty of time? Don’t worry, the holidays will be here just before you know it!
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Sweet Basket to Singapore – Daily DISCOUNT

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Save $20 on your Gift to Singapore!
Organizing a home party or hosting an event at your place is a lot of work. The host have to make sure that the place is not only clean, decorated according to the occasion and in tip top shape, but also prepare endless dishes and snacks for the guests. If you’re organizing a party at home or even at the office at work it’s always important to have some extra food in case more guests than expected show up or if your lunch turns into dinner.
While the host or hostess has quite a lot on their plate including dealing with a guest list, decorating the space and preparing a menu they often forget about the most exciting part, the dessert, and we can’t blame them for this. Show your friend, family member or colleague your support and help get through the difficulties of organization by offering to be a person in charge of the sweet part of the celebration. Surprise your dear recipient beforehand with a stunning gift basket that will become a centerpiece of the celebration and offer numerous delicious treats to the hosts and their guests.

This keepsake wooden chest is filled to the brim with some of their favorite items including Chocolate Covered Pretzels, Cashew Chocolate Toffees, a slab of delicious Dark Chocolate, Apple Cinnamon Cookies, gourmet cheese and more sweet and savory delights to satisfy any palate. Add a delicious treat to the holiday feast, welcome a loved one to a new home, or thank the people throwing the party with Host’s Dream gift basket to Singapore.
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Chocolate Gift Basket to Poland – Daily DISCOUNT

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Save $20 on your Gift to Poland!
There are millions of chocolate lovers around the world. The sweet passion spread internationally from Pre-Columbian Mexico where the Mayans and Aztecs were known to make a drink called “Xocoatll” from the beans of the cocoa tree. In the middle of the 16th century conquering Spaniards returned home from South America with this new exotic chocolate drink. The first “eating chocolate” though wasn’t introduced until 1847 in England but didn’t get much attention due to its bitter taste. The sweet chocolate the way we know it today was invented 30 years later when a famed Swiss chocolatier first made milk chocolate after years of experimenting with different flavors. That was the beginning of the chocolate fever in the world.
Scientists have been trying to understand the chemistry of chocolate for years. According to some recent studies letting chocolate slowly dissolve in your mouth produces as big an increase in brain activity (it triggers the production of dopamine responsible for the feelings of joy and comfort) and heart rate as a passionate kiss. Only the effects of the chocolate last four times longer!
Let your special someone, dear friend or family member experience the sweet spell of delicious chocolate with a wonderful surprise perfect for any special occasion or just because. The Chocolate Feast gift basket includes mouthwatering Spanish Nougat with Whole Almonds, a box of delectable Marzipan Chocolates, delicious Pralines from the world famous Lindt company, and more sweet delicacies, accompanied by a selection of invigorating ground Coffee and calming Ceylon Black Leaf Tea. Help you recipients celebrate birthday, anniversary, send a housewarming gift, say Thank you or simply help to elevate their mood with a gift that’s proven to bring joy and pleasure!
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Anniversary Basket to Netherlands – Daily DISCOUNT

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Save $20 on your Gift to Netherlands!
Summer is the busiest wedding season of the year which means it’s also the most popular time for anniversaries. Are you celebrating one more year of the happy marriage, want to send best wishes to a new family or wish your parents yet another happy wedding anniversary? This wonderful gift will make the perfect romantic surprise for anyone on your list! A fine bottle of dry red Senso Sangiovese wine has enough character to be enjoyed on its own and also a delight with number of snacks. In this gourmet hamper we’ve included the best of them. Chilli Honey Peanuts & Almonds, a jar of sweet Strawberry Jam, Spicy Tomato Salsa, mouthwatering Cherry Cake, crunchy Cranberry Biscuits, and a charming piece of Personalized Large Heart-shaped Natural Slate will satisfy any cravings and turn any celebration into a royal feast.
The best part about this gift though is personalization. The key to the perfect anniversary gift, personalization will help you to create a truly unique surprise your recipients will remember forever. Simply send us your greetings, heartfelt message or even a picture you’d like to send to your recipient and we’ll place it on a heart-shaped box and make it a centerpiece of the basket. Be creative, share your emotions with those you love and we’ll make sure this year is unforgettable with a Custom Anniversary gift basket to Netherlands.
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