Cake & Flowers to UAE – Daily DISCOUNT

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Lilies are one of the most popular flowers next to roses. They add a touch of purity and elegance to any arrangement. People have been admiring their beauty for centuries but the history of this flower begins in ancient Greece. According to Greek mythology, lily flower was created from the breast milk of Hera and symbolizes purity. The Roman goddess of beauty Venus was so jealous of the lily’s white purity that she caused the pistil to grow from the center of the flower. To this day in many cultures the lily represents purity, chastity and virtue, which makes it a perfect gift for loved ones and dear friends. Lilies also symbolize humility and devotion and are considered the 30th anniversary flower. So, in case you’re looking for an anniversary gift for your parents or significant other this bouquet with royal white lilies, bright pink roses, white daisies and seasonal flowers might be just right for you.

In addition to the elegant flower arrangement we’ve included a decadent Vanilla Temptation Cake that will make a special day even more special. This delicious cake with feather light layers of mouthwatering vanilla sponge and vanilla cream is topped with fresh berries and is the perfect cake to add the right amount of sweetness to any celebration.

Surprise the newlyweds during busy summer wedding season, send your love for anniversary or simply remind your special someone how much you care with a Taste Of Elegance gift set to UAE.
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Champagne Gift to South Africa – Daily DISCOUNT

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Spicing up your relationship should be more than just remembering birthdays and anniversaries. It should be about exceeding expectations, going the extra mile and turning random moments into precious unforgettable memories. Demonstrate your significant other your sincere love and true passion by surprising them with this champagne gift in a stylish hamper made to impress and make them feel loved. Your dear recipient will receive a bottle from the finest world’s premier Champagne house, Moet & Chandon Brut Imperial. This well-balanced French champagne with a delicate texture and a firm backbone of juicy acidity offers a seductive palate with rich flavors, followed by a fresh crispness. The rainbow of apple, honey, ginger as well as hints of tropical pineapple and tangerine fruit flavors are making this champagne a pleasure to drink. To make the whole experience even better and way tastier we’ve paired the bottle with Peri Peri Peanuts, buttery Cashews and gourmet Ferrero Rocher Chocolates. This Italian quality confections offers a unique combination of contrasting layers: a whole crunchy hazelnut in the heart of a creamy hazelnut filling is hidden inside of a crisp wafer shell covered in chocolate. Each piece is individually wrapped in an inimitable golden wrapper which makes the whole experience more unique and special. Say I Love You to beloved wife or fiancee, send your best wishes to a dear friend, or invite your better half to a romantic weekend with Royal Treatment they deserve.
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Tea Gift Basket to New Zealand – Daily DISCOUNT

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Looking for a great gift idea for both man and women who love tea? We have something special that will satisfy any tea connoisseur on your list. A keepsake wicker hamper contains high quality organic tea paired with some extra delicious chocolate almonds and fudge. The gift set also comes with 100% cotton ‘Moa revival’ tea towel and liquid olive soap, as every tea ceremony should start with clean hands, right? When you want to say happy birthday, wish your friends or family members great holidays, welcome dear ones to their new home, say thank you or simply surprise those you care about this elegant gift basket will do the trick. Show how much they mean to you by choosing organic products which not only preserve our earth’s resources and protect the health of the farmers, but ensures that everything that is going into our bodies is 100% natural, free of chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides and made the way nature has intended!
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June 19, 2016 Holiday – Father’s Day

On the first Sunday of May the whole world was celebrating mothers and paying tribute to all significant ladies in our lives including grandmothers, aunts, sisters and mothers-in-law. On the third Sunday in June there is another big celebration devoted to beloved fathers and all father-like figures, Father’s Day. This year on June, 19 we will be happy to pay tribute to dear dads, grandfathers, brothers or close friends and show them our endless love and support.

Father’s Day was first invented in U.S. by Mrs. Sonora Smart Dodd in 1910. A loving daughter of a single father just wanted to show some appreciation to her dad who raised her and her five siblings all by himself after his wife died in childbirth. The idea was to make the celebration similar to Mother’s Day but observed in June, her dad’s birthday month. It wasn’t until 1972 though that Father’s Day became an official national holiday in U.S.

Nowadays the holiday is celebrated in many countries around the world (over 50) and has accumulated many interesting traditions that vary in each culture. For example in Germany men celebrate it together (no women allowed) by drinking lots of beer and pulling a wagon around town. And in Thailand, Father’s Day is observed on the same day as the the King’s birthday, a figure beloved by all Thai people. There’s also a tradition of giving dad a Canna flower, which is considered to be a man’s flower in Thailand.

Gifts for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is officially the fourth biggest holiday in US for sending greeting cards, after Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. Greeting cards make up the number one gift item for fathers on this day but there are also many other popular presents. Along with breakfast in bed, going out for dinner or attending a baseball game dads are often spoiled with some other wonderful surprises. From necktie and flowers (two most popular Father’s Day gifts) to sophisticated gift baskets there are so many ways to make your dear dad happy. Some of the most popular gift options include finest brews and wine with delicious snacks (perfect for a get together with friends), hobby items for fishing or golf, pampering spa treats (with a masculine scent, of course) to name just a few.

Summer is here, and Father’s Day is right around the corner! Make sure Dad gets all the recognition he deserves by planning a day just for him. No matter what he likes, make sure your father knows he’s the best!

Spa Gift to Finland – Daily DISCOUNT

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Unwinding after long week at work can be as simple as putting on some of your favorite lotion. Give your special someone something to look forward to with an Oolaboo spa gift basket that whispers of tranquility. An expert in luxury skin care, Oolaboo has developed its products based on recent scientific insights and quality requirements and are well-considered combinations of top quality ingredients with great respect for skin, hair and health. Your dear recipient will receive an assortment of wonderful products including a bottle of calming Oolaboo Super Foodies Velvety Hand Lotion, a soft, protective and nourishing lotion packed with antioxidants thanks to a composition based on Japanese Matcha tea. A bottle of Oolaboo Super Foodies Happy Hand Soap with moisturizing botanicals that leave hands quenched and smooth. A natural antiseptic, creates a surprisingly light, velvety lather that cleans without stripping. A parfum aroma diffuser is traditionally handcrafted and contains a recycled bottle with natural rattan diffuser sticks. It provides a long-lasting pleasant smell and a soothing atmosphere, and is a stylish way to create a delicious smell in any space. Celebrate their Birthday, welcome them to their new home, or help to enjoy the weekend with Melt Away Stress gift set to Finland.
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Chocolate Gift Basket to Canada – Daily DISCOUNT

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No party would be complete without dessert. But when you’re at the office, you don’t want to worry about anything that needs too much fuss. Treat your co-workers, business partners or clients abroad to a party with a sweet gift basket with none of the work. Your recipients will receive a huge assortment of decadent Godiva chocolate treats. Godiva is a world market leader and premier maker of fine Belgian chocolate since 1926. The company is famous for using only fresh ingredients to create unique taste sensations, based on their craftsmanship and experience built up over many years. The gift basket features an iconic gold ballotin with an amazing assortment of velvety ganaches, creamy caramels, luscious pralinés, and delicious nuts and fruits in milk, dark, and white chocolate. It also includes rich truffles, assorted chocolate bars and other delicious delights. Send this beautiful gift adorned for the season to those you care about and have no doubt your generous gesture will be highly appreciated and enjoyed.
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June 5, 2016 Holiday – Ramadan

One of the most important Muslim holidays Ramadan, the Islamic month of fasting, starts in 2016 on June, 5 and lasts through July,6.

During Ramadan people focus on the spiritual side of life, pray, refrain from eating and drinking and abstain from impurities such as gossip and cursing. There are five pillars of Islam, the practices that all Muslims must follow especially during Ramadan.

Shahada: The Muslim profession of faith and belief in the one true God.

Salat: Praying five times daily facing the direction of Mecca. Muslims must practice ablution before the prayers.

Hajj: The pilgrimage to Mecca that each Muslim must make at least once in their lifetime.

Zakat: A sense of generosity and gratitude colors these festivities. Charity is very important in Islam, and even more so during Ramadan. In Islam all good deeds are more handsomely rewarded in Ramadan than in any other month of the year. Zakat, often translated as “the poor-rate”, is a fixed percentage that is required to be donated to the poor and homeless. It is believed that a person who helps another fasting person to break their fast will receive a special reward from God.

Sawm: Is a fasting during the month of Ramadan. Muslims practice sawm for the entire month of Ramadan to cleanse the body and mind and practice self-control. Several groups of people including pregnant women, people who are mentally or physically ill, and sometimes women who are breastfeeding are excused from fasting during Ramadan. Children are not obligated to fast until they hit puberty, although many choose to observe the fast at least partially in preparation for later years. During the holiday most restaurants are usually closed. Families get up early for suhoor, a meal eaten before the sun rises. After the sun sets, the fast is broken with a meal known as iftar which usually starts with dates and sweet drinks.

Gifts for Ramadan and Eid

Last day of Ramadan is marked by Eid ul Fitr, a large festival to celebrate the end of the fast and praise Allah (God) for helping people get through the month. Muslims observe it by putting on their best clothes, attending large processions, sharing meal with their family, and exchanging gifts. Ramadan and Eid gifts usually include fruit baskets, sweet gifts, gourmet hampers, flowers and more.

Spirits Gift Basket to Greece – Daily DISCOUNT

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Style is everything when it comes to a gift especially to one meant for your boss, business partner, colleague at work, husband or other significant man in your life. We’ve combined style and taste to show off just what can be done with a mixer. Delivered in a wooden case this gift will make a wonderful personal, business or corporate gift and will help you to establish better relationships with your recipients. A bottle of excellent quality espresso flavored Vodka, a Dispenser, and some pleasant extras make a perfect kit for making many kinds of drinks. Surprise your male recipients and treat them to something they will appreciate. And don’t forget to make sure there’s always conversation over a new Vodka Mix Kit!
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Tequila Gift Set to Mexico – Daily DISCOUNT

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If you’re looking for a way to surprise and pamper your dear husband, father, business colleague or boss this Traditional Tequila Reposado gift set is a great choice for any man in your life who enjoys fine spirits and love to relax in a traditional way. The bottle of high quality Mexican Tequila is accompanied by two stylish glasses and a wooden plate perfect for cutting and serving snacks at home or office. This simple yet tasteful gift will match both personal and corporate occasions making a wonderful surprise for Father’s Day, when you want to say Congratulations, Thank You, or I Miss You.
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April 22, 2016 Holiday – Passover in Israel

A Jewish holiday of freedom called Passover or Pesah is starting this year on April, 22 and will be traditionally observed for 7 days. This wonderful spring festival annually falls in mid-spring on the 15th day of Nissan, the first month of the Hebrew monthly calendar year.

Rich in traditions Passover is the time for Jewish people around the world to remember the hardships and joys of those who have observed their faith for thousands of years. The main ritual of Passover is the Seder, a big family feast that marks the beginning of the holiday. All food eaten that day must be kosher. Each festive table usually includes matzah (special cracker-like bread) and wine.

Gifts for Passover

Since a lot of Pesah traditions evolve around food sending your recipients a gourmet basket might be a great idea. Either you choose to send a traditional kosher gift basket with wine, healthy fruit hamper, or sweet surprise it will be greatly appreciated and shared with all family members. Giving a spring bouquet or even a sophisticated flower basket will work best for a female recipient on your list who appreciates fine things in life. Mix and match souvenirs, sweet treats, alcohol and gourmet items to personalize your Passover gift to Israel or anywhere in the world to make it a truly special experience for those you love and care about.

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